Payday Loan is an online micro crediting service that allows you to receive the money you urgently need for as little as 15 minutes. The concept of our service started when one of our founders has a situation just like you do. But at that time, he had to apply to the bank to receive credit, even if it's a small payday loan.

In the lives of all people there are moments when we spend too much and need to hold till the salary, whether you had to make a large purchase, do not have insurance and had to pay medical expenses, or simply if you got tired and decided to take another vacation. It is not a secret for anybody that sometimes we are shy to ask our friends to borrow us some money.

If you are looking for a source of funds that you can borrow until the payday - you have just found it! With us, you can forget about longing for the salary and thinking whether you can take a bus to work or go by feet. All you need to have in order to receive a loan is the Internet access!

We are a reliable service, which is proven by our many customers, as well as our legal documents that are available in the open sources.


Instant Loan

Get the loan from our service in just a matter of seconds! The approval is almost instantaneous!


Reputable service

Our reputation is supported by years at the loan market and by thousands of happy clients!


Without bureaucracy

Having applied to our service, you won't need to gather a pile of documents for credit approval!


No hidden commission

You pay only what you are told at the very beginning. We will not treat you with an unpleasant surprise of a hidden commission.

Online loans for as little as 15 minutes are accessible for everyone!

How often do you have unforeseen expenditures? What to do when the salary will be only next month and you do not have money already? Payday loan is Your unique opportunity to receive on online loan on your credit card or in cash.

Our service is based on the concept of 7 NOs:
- No need to visit banks or banking institutions!
- No need to sign any agreements (no unnecessary bureaucracy, all you need is Internet access!)
- No hidden commissions! You pay only what you are told at the very beginning of the process.
- No need to wait for the response for months! The approval of out payday loans is almost instant.
- No need to follow strict bank rules! Now, you can choose comfortable conditions for your own loan.
- No need to submit piles of unnecessary documentation! It is not a secret that most of the people who would like to take loans leave the idea once they find out how many documents should be provided for approval.
- No credit ratings! The policy of our service is that everyone deserves a chance to prove their reliability!